What is "Old Eye" (Presbyopia) ?


In its normal condition the relaxed eye is in "distant view mode". If you want to read a close-up object such as a book, cell phone display or restaurant menu the eye firstly has to refocus, in other words, to adjust to the short distance. This process is known as "accommodation" and takes place when the elastic lens of the eye changes shape.

Between the 40th and 45th years nearly all people start to experience blurriness in their close-up vision. This is caused by the ageing of the lens. It loses elasticity and with it the ability to adjust to different distances (loss of accommodation). This is why most people need to wear reading glasses or multifocals to compensate for this change to the lens.

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LASIK Surgery


LASIK stands for „Laser in situ Keratomileusis.“ It is an outpatient procedure. More »



The PRK/LASEK treatment is such as LASIK treatment very short intervention. More »

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