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5 reasons for choosing

We are convinced that our patients deserve the best service and the most optimum treatment, meaning: individual and personalized treatment because each eye is unique.

More than 25 years experience

For over 25 years we provide excellence in ophthalmology. We are the pioneers of eye laser surgery and we are THE Laser eye center with the highest number of treated eyes in Europe (more than 790.000 treated eye laser surgery, and more than 210.000 lens implantations). Every year we free more than 35.000 people from glasses and contact lenses.

More than 790.000 treated eyes (eye laser treatment)

210.000 Lens implantations

100 patients per day are free from glasses & contact lenses

Qualified medical team in continuously
further education

All treatments are performed by experienced and qualified physicians. In Germany, at the moment, we are currently working with more than 30 specialists in ophthalmology. Our first priority is the safety of our patients. Our specialists are in constant training to keep their knowledge up to date. Due to the high number of treatments, our surgeons have great experience and are partly certified thru LASIK- Trainer from KRC (Kommission Refractive Chirugie). Furthermore they attend national and international medical congresses. 

Use of modern technology

The CARE Vision sites in Germany are equipped with the Excimer laser system ALLEGRETTO WAVE from the Erlangen Company WaveLight and the AMARIS 500 E from Schwind. Both laser devices, the ALLEGRETTO WAVE as well as the Amaris 500 E, deliver excellent results. 

Thanks to this advanced technology, we can offer fast, reliable and in detail personalized treatments. We hereby increase our effectiveness and satisfaction of our patients. 

For our lens implantations we use the best lenses: the latest in generation of trifocal lenses which are used for Presbyopia and cataracts. Thanks to this lens, our patients are able to see again at all distances and can say goodbye to their reading glasses.

The latest generation in trifocal lenses

Excimer – Laser from Wavelight (Alcon) Company

Excellent quality and service

At CARE Vision we do everything within our possibility to offer our patients the best service. We try to offer centers in the vicinity of our patients and are continuously opening new eye laser centers. Our emergency service is available for you 365 days a year, 24 hours there for you! We try to minimize your waiting time and optimize the appointments. Our price policy guarantees you the best treatment for an absolutely affordable and fair price.

Highly qualified ophthalmologists

Emergency service 24 hours a day, 356 days a year

Germany wide represented

Personal patient care

Cooperation with the University Hospital Hamburg Eppendorf

Highly satisfaction with our patients

The satisfaction rate of our patients is over 99 %. You can be assured that the safety and satisfaction of our patients come first: Because your eyes deserve the best care.

PRK Treatment


The first 5 weeks were hard – total light sensitive – it seemed to last forever to me, but then it quickly changed to for the better.

I wasn’t used to see so clearly – it really paid off and I would definitely do it again.

The staff was very friendly, at the clinic but also on the phone.

Great advice


Quick and easy surgery.

Good care after surgery.

Fast and without problems



Everything perfect



From the first visit


From laser vision correction, to the check-ups I have always been well looked after and treated knowledgeable and friendly at all times. Service Team, optician and surgeon perfect in every way!