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CARE Vision Krefeld

Hochstraße 25a
47798 Krefeld
Tel.: 0800 8888 474 (free of charge)

Opening hours

Thu: 10:00 - 18:00 hours
Sat: 10:00 - 14:00 hours


Your expert for eye laser treatments and lens implantation surgery

Kerstin Hoffmann

Branch Manager

CARE Vision Krefeld


LASIK Weekend

31.08 | 14.09 | 21.09

An eye laser vision correction is a modern and sustainable intervention to correct vision errors for far and nearsightedness also for astigmatism. In our Consultation Centre Krefeld, we will answer all your questions regarding the procedure and the entire CARE Vision performance portfolio – your eye specialists in Germany. What is the difference between LASIK and LASEK? How is the procedure of these methods and when are you suitable? In a first general information consultation, our experts will update you about everything you need to know regarding eye laser correction at CARE Vision. The comprehensive consultation of our patients has the highest priority and therefore we will answer all the personal questions you might have about our CARE Vision treatments. If you are interested, our certified specialists in optometry will advise you during a first non-committing qualifying examination. The ophthalmologic screening and the actual treatment – after the through first consultation – will take place in one of our nearby CARE Vision Eye Centre. Also we would like to invite you to one of our information events that are regularly organized. At these events we will explain the modern world of eye laser corrections without any obligation from your part. This is your chance to learn more about the methods of treatments at CARE Vision; offering you an excellent opportunity to receive an impression of us. 

CARE Vision Consultation Centre Krefeld is directly located in the heart of the city – Hochstrasse - one of the oldest shopping streets of Germany. Just come in, we are looking forward to meet you. 

Team in Krefeld

The advantages of choosing CARE Vision Krefeld

  • In cooperation association with the Clínica Bavaria Group: more than 1.000.000 treatments in 25 years!
  • We only work together with experienced and qualified doctors 
  • We offer individual and comprehensive advice
  • We attach great importance to the correct compliance with all hygiene requirements.
  • With CARE Vision Krefeld are we the newest site in NRW region.



How to reach us

CARE Vision Eye Laser center Krefeld is located in the city center just a few minutes’ walk for the “Hauptbahnhof” in the Hochstraße, one of the oldest shopping streets in Germany.

Due to its central location, it is easily accessible by public transportation.

Parking is in the immediate vicinity at parking garage Hansacentrum.