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  • Medicine studies: University of Hannover
  • Medical Specialization: Medical Specialist exam for Ophthalmology in Saarbrucken
  • At CARE Vision since: 2012




Dr. med Mehrdad-Sam Attaran studied human medicine between 1996 and 2003 at the Medical School of Hannover. In June 2003 he passed his 3rd State Exam. In 2006 he successfully received a doctorate for Dr. med in “Basic study on the use of free-running ER: YAG laser in soft tissue Microsurgery” at the Hannover Medical School.

In November 2008 Dr. med Mehrdad – Sam Attaran concluded his training in specialist ophthalmology at the Northern City Hospital in Hannover. From 2009 to 2010 he deepened his knowledge in the USA (UCLA – Los Angeles) and in England (Oxford – London) with the main emphasis on glaucoma and medical retina.

Dr. med Mehrdad-Sam Attaran is an established independent ophthalmologist in Hannover since 2010.

Dr. med Mehrdad-Sam Attaran is a member of the German Ophthalmological Society (DOG), the professional Association of German Ophthalmologists (BVA), the Association of Rhine-Westphalia Ophthalmologists Association (RWA) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO)

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  • Established medical specialist for Ophthalmology in Hannover.