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Facharzt für Augenheilkunde
Carlos Salazar

  • Medicine studies:  St. Martin Universität Bogota (Kolumbien)
  • Medical Specialization: Universitätsklinikum "12 de Octubre", Madrid
  • At CARE Vision since: 2015


Carlos Salazar Aguirre is specialist in ophthalmology. His medicine study was completed at the St. Martin University of Bogota in Columbia. His graduation in further education for specialist in ophthalmology was in 2013 at the University “12 de Octubre” in Madrid, Spain. During his training, Mr. Salazar was working in fields of cataracts, corneal, eyelid and glaucoma surgery. His specialist training was completed in Thüringen. Since 2014 he has been working as an ophthalmologist in MVZ SRH Central Hospital Suhl. He also has led several humanitarian projects in Africa and India.

Mr. Salazar speaks German, Spanish and English.