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  • Medicine studies: University hospital Valencia in Spain
  • Medical Specialization: Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery, Pesset clinic Valencia
  • Founder of Clinica Baviera / CARE Vision Unternehmensverbund


Mr. Julio Baviera, founder of Clínica Baviera / CARE Vision Business Partnership, completed his medical studies at the University of Valencia (Medicine and Surgery). Currently Dr. Baviera is working as Medical Director of CARE Vision Eye Clinic in Frankfurt. In addition, he´s responsible for training, care and support of CARE Vision ophthalmologists. 

He completed his further education as a specialist in ophthalmology at the Eye Clinic of the Clinical Centre Pesset in Valencia.

From 1983 to 1993, Mr. Baviera was an established ophthalmologist in the entire field of ophthalmology, specializing in refractive surgery and the treatments of cataracts.

In 1993 he founded the company group Clínica Baviera, which today has more than 70 centers in four countries (Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy).

He performed over 20.000 eye laser vision corrections and more than 15.000 lens implantations through Europe.

Julio Baviera was also involved in the preparation of 3 books about refractive surgery and has a variety of published articles in the medical and refractive surgical field.

His specialty is: surgery on the cornea and lens implantations in patients suffering from cataract, keratoconus or refractive errors. 

He has many years of experience in refractive procedures such as: perforated and lamellar corneal transplantation, corneal cross linking, implantation Intra-corneal rings, refractive lens implantation (Artisan, Artilflex, and ICL), multifocal and toric lens implants (reSTOR, ATlisa, M+, Trifocal, “Add-On”) as well as a variety of laser techniques such as: LASIK, PRK/LASEK, EpiLASIK or the topographical working laser

Insightful information & Membership

  • Medical director CARE Vision Frankfurt
  • Founder of Clinica Baviera / CARE Vision Unternehmensverbund
  • Member of European Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS)