See clearly without glasses or contact lenses

  • Secure laser technology and experienced medical specialists
  • 0% financing possible!
  • High treatment quality at a fair price
  • Experience from over 500.000 treated eyes
    within the Clinica Baviera/CARE Vision Group

CARE vision - your eyes
deserve the best care!

Laser correction

Near-sightedness, far-sightedness and corneal distortion can be corrected by an eye laser treatment - a short and outpatient surgery which can completely change your life.

LASIK weekends at
CARE Vision

In the following Eye Laser Branches you can now get your eye
laser correction done in as little time as just one weekend:

Berlin • Hannover • Cologne • Frankfurt

Nuremberg • Munich • Vienna

Your medical examination - including all relevant eye tests by
your optician and your doctor - will take place on a Friday.
The actual eye laser treatment is performed - only one day
later - on a Saturday.

Call CARE Vision now to make your appointment.

We want you
to see better!

About us

CARE Vision is specialized in the field of laser vision correction. We provide high treatment and first-class service quality at a very fair price.

See clearly
without glasses and contact lenses!

Eyes and poor eyesight

Over 60% of the German population is ametropic. For very many of those affected, a laser vision correction is the appropriate solution to get rid of the dependency of glasses and contact lenses .

Better vision means
better quality of life for you!

Lens implants

Lens implants allow corrections on extremely strong disabilities and old eye.

Welcome to CARE Vision*1

CARE Vision is a part of the Spanish Clinica Baviera Group . Together, this group of companies has amassed extensive experience stemming from treating over 500,000 eyes. Patient safety is always priority number one. Because your eyes deserve the best possible care.

Laser step by step


There are just a few steps up sharp vision. We are there for you from the initial information about the medical screening and treatment up to aftercare. More »

Savings calculator


Have you thought ever about how much money you spend for glasses and contact lenses? You can save money in the long term through an eye laser treatment. More »

*1Free State of Bavaria - medical services and billing in partner cooperation with selected ophthalmologists.