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Barbara Weber testifies

Name: Barbara Weber
Defective vision: far-sightedness and astigmatism
Treatment method: LASIK
Location: Frankfurt
Occupation: Master in Education
Quote: "I could see very clearly after the surgery"


A long wish has been fulfilled since the surgery. Because I found living with glasses to be a nuisance I´ve made the decision to have an eye laser correction. Contacts were not an option for me due to my allergies. I had an immediate good feeling at the first intake, all my questions were answered and my personal situation was taken in consideration.

The surgery itself was virtually pain free and short. For a few hours, after the surgery, I had like a grainy feeling, felt like a grain of sand in the eye. I did not have to take painkillers neither had problems of glareness, blurred vision or any kind of discomfort. Even in the first days after surgery I had no restrictions at all.

Upon opening my eyes after the surgery, it was amazing – I can see! The new vision is like a present for me.