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Gözen Duman testifies

Occupation: Student
Defective vision: nearsighted and Astigmatismus
Treatment method: LASIK
Location: Frankfurt
Quote: "My live changed completely, my appereance has become much more positive"

About the patient

During my study time I was often seen as arrogant, my study companions thought that I wouldn’t greet them, but the truth is: I just didn’t recognize them! Contact lenses were not an option for me, because it felt very uncomfortable to have this weird feeling in my eyes.

I was pretty skeptical before the surgery, especially with eyes; they are a very important and sensitive organ. I received detailed information about the treatment method during the consultation. The surgery was fast, I could already see clearly the following morning!

Since the treatment, I feel free and can truly enjoy life. I´m so glad that I made the decision to have an eye laser correction because it has changed my life completely! Also my outward appearance has become more positive! 

The entire team was awesome! During the surgery and after care, I felt that I was in safe hands. The team answered all my questions and took good care of me.