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Maike Pohl testifies

Name: Maike Pohl
Age: 42
Treatment method: LASEK
Quote: „From mole to eagle“


I was constantly relying on visual aids with a refractive error over 7 diopter. As a passionate biker I often had problems with my contacts. Glasses were not an option, because it is very uncomfortable under a helmet, especially in poor weather conditions, glasses often gets foggy and thus pose a security risk. My other hobby is diving, despite the diving mask; I was often scared to lose my contacts if somehow water entered into it. Regardless of visual aids, under water you´ve got a slightly less sharp view any ways, without my contacts I wasn’t able to see anything. 

I felt good at CARE Vision, instantly, the staff was all nice and friendly. I was a little uncertain before the operation, especially with a sensitive body part; such as eye, you particularly are more thoughtful about it. On my friend’s recommendation, I knew I was in good hands with Dr. Attaran. All my questions were answered before surgery and I was explained he treatment procedure clearly. Even during the surgery, every single step was explained so I always knew what was happening. I could see clearly immediately after the eye laser surgery and even read the clock on the wall in the surgery room. That was an incredible feeling. Due to the increased light sensitivity, I used a pair of sunglasses in the first days after surgery. Otherwise, I had no limitations or disadvantages. My vision gradually improved in the weeks after the procedure until I finally achieved my full eye vision. 

I’m really glad that I chose an eye laser correction at CARE Vision. Previously, I had the eye of the mole; today I have the eyes of an eagle. My whole life has changed, I have an increase in life quality and I’m just happy! I can finally go diving and ride a motorcycle and I feel free! In addition, I also benefit in many everyday situations of my new vision. I am still super happy and can only recommend CARE Vision.