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Peter Beveridge testifies

My name is Peter, I´m 58 years old and had multifocal lens operation at CARE Vision. Around 40 years of age I began to suffer from Presbyopia. At the beginning, I only needed reading glasses, since the eyesight out weighed on wide- and far-sightedness; I had to switch to progressive spectacles. In the long run, contacts were not an option for me. When wearing contacts I always had very red and burning eye at the end of the day, which of course is very unpleasant. 

I love riding my motorcycle, but with glasses it limited my possibilities to ride. The glasses fogged up constantly, when raining it’s nearly impossible to drive because the visibility was very poor. That was then the main reason why I decided for a lens implant. 

With the high level of expertise displayed, from the beginning I had every confidence in the team and in my doctor. The operation lasted about half an hour then it was all over. Neither during nor after the surgery did I have any problems or difficulties. Having the treatment at CARE Vision was definitely the right decision for me.

Today I am very happy and can finally ride my motorcycle without any restrictions. The theme glasses are therefore settles once and for all to me!

Name: Peter Beveridge
Defective vision: Presbyopia
Treatment method:
Multifocal lenses MIOL
Location: Frankfurt
Quote: "Now I can ride my motorbike without problems, goodbye glasses!"