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At the surgical appointments I was stress-free and received in a relaxed environment and during the surgery, the doctor told me every step, which gives me a huge calmness. Immediately after the surgery, because of the eye drops, I had blurry vision but could still see. The following morning, I had a clear and sharp image of my alarm clock, which in the past I always had to grab my glasses first thing. I am still positively surprised, even after several weeks, at night or in the mornings after opening my eyes to just see so clearly. I still cannot believe it. Indescribable!

I had repeatedly considered to take this step and then always rejected the thought. The decision to choose for CARE Vision was the best one that ever happened to me! Had I known how professional and painless multifocal implantations is, I would have done much sooner. It increases the quality of life tremendously, thus making life much easier and less complicated. All in all, a decision that very positively changed my life and I would do it again. 

Thanks to CARE Vision and the entire Frankfurt team.

Name: Susanne Kister
Defective vision: nearsighted
Treatment method: Multifokallinsen
Location: Frankfurt
Quote: "The best thing that ever happened to me."