Eye Laser Surgery

What is eye laser surgery?

Laser eye surgery enables people with short-sightedness, far-sightedness and/or astigmatism to see clearly without glasses or contact lenses. With laser eye surgery, the doctor treating you uses a computer-assisted laser system to shape the upper layer of the cornea in such a way that the ametropia is compensated. 

More than 30 million people worldwide have already regained their sight thanks to eye laser surgery. In Germany alone, more than 100,000 people decide to have their eyes lasered every year. 

Free State of Bavaria – Treatment contracts, medical services and billing are handled by legally independent ophthalmologists.

Which refractive error do you have?

Eye treatments can compensate for myopia, farsightedness and/or corneal curvature.
Learn more about the different types of refractive error and which treatment methods are possible for correction.

I am near-sighted

– In the distance I see blurry

– My diopters are in the minus range

Laser eye correction can compensate for nearsightedness of up to -10 diopter

I am far-sighted

– At close range I see blurry

– My diopters are in the plus range

Eye laser correction can compensate for farsightedness of up to +4 diopters

I have a corneal curvature

– the objects are distorted

Eye laser correction can compensate for corneal curvature of up to -6 diopters.

An additional existing short-sightedness or farsightedness can also be treated.

I wear reading glasses

– I have blurry vision a close range

– I am over 40 years old

Lens treatment with multifocal lenses can compensate for presbyopia and allow good vision at all distances.

Eyes laser treatment methods and costs

Depending on the type and severity of the ametropia and the condition of the cornea, various eye laser methods are available.


  • The world’s most commonly used laser treatment method
  • 30 years of long-term experience
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.200€ /Eye1


  • Preparation for treatment with the Femto-laser
  • Vision correction with the proven LASIK method
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.550€ /Eye1


  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes (contact sports)
  • 30 years of long-term experience
ca. 1.200€ /Eye1


  • No-touch treatment method
  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes
ca. 1.200€ /Auge1

1The exact billing is done according to the German Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ).

Eye Laser Surgery: Treatment and procedure of the eye laser surgery

Eye laser treatment can fundamentally change the attitude towards life of ametropia. We accompany our patients step by step into their life without glasses.



Before the eyes are lasered, we examine your eyes thoroughly. Through comprehensive examinations with precise measurement technology, we lay the foundation for optimal treatment results.


Surgery day

On surgery day, we prepare your eyes for the eye laser surgery with numbing drops. Upon your wish, you will be given a light sedative. Anesthesia is not necessary. The treatment only takes about 10 minutes per eye, and the actual use of the laser only takes a few seconds. After an initial follow-up examination, you can go home. Many LASIK patients can see well on the same day – without any glasses.


After the surgery

Please follow the recommendations in the eye drop schedule that you will receive on the day of treatment. With these behavioral recommendations and regular follow-up examinations, nothing stands in the way of optimally restoring your vision.

Are you suitable for 
laser vision correction?

  • You wear glasses or contact lenses
  • You are 18 years or older
  • Your visual acuity is stable
  • You are in good health
  • No eye diseases are present

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How safe is eye laser surgery?

Eye laser surgery is one of the safest surgical procedures in the world. During a thorough preliminary examination, we precisely measure every millimeter of your eye and determine whether your eyes are suitable for eye laser surgery. If this is the case, only proven treatment methods are used at CARE Vision based on the extensively tested LASIK and PRK/LASEK method. 

The extensive experience of the CARE Vision doctors who specialize in eye laser surgery also contribute to a very high level of treatment safety. We have already treated more than 1,100,000 eyes in association with Clínica Baviera with excellent results. 

Frequently asked questions about eye lasers surgery (FAQ)

Can I get an eye laser surgery while pregnant?

We advise our patients against laser treatment during pregnancy, as vision can change due to hormonal changes during pregnancy.

What happens if I move my eyes or head or look away during treatment?

During the entire laser eye treatment, your eye movements are monitored by an eye tracker system, which immediately compensates for the smallest movements of your eyes or switches off the laser prematurely.

How do I manage to keep my eyes open for as long as I do laser eye surgery?

This question worries many patients, but it is quite simple. During the treatment you will be fitted with an eye clamp (speculum) which will hold the eyelids open. Unintentional closing of the eyes is therefore no longer possible.

Does health insurance cover the cost of eye laser surgery?

The costs of an eye laser treatment are partially or completely covered by some private health. Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies generally do not cover the costs of eye laser surgery. Under certain conditions, however, you can deduct the costs as an extraordinary burden from tax insurance companies. Please ask your health insurance provider directly for the exact conditions.

When can I return to the gym, jogging, cycling or horseback riding after having my eyes lasered?

You can do these sports again just two to three days after the eye laser surgery. If necessary (especially in wind or dust), only protective glasses should be worn. edarf (insbesondere bei Wind oder Staub) ist lediglich eine Schutzbrille zu tragen.

What are the risks of eye laser surgery, can I go blind?

No, you cannot go blind as a result of having your eyes lasered. The laser beam only hits the top layer of the eye, which means that there is no risk of injury to the eye lens, retina or optic nerve. In rare cases, the eye may be under- or over-corrected (1-5%). However, this small deviation can be corrected in a follow-up treatment. In exceptional cases, an infection of the eye can occur. There may be an insignificant impairment of the tear film. A greater sensitivity to glare can arise at night, in which case light sources are surrounded by ring-shaped light reflections, or the view becomes slightly blurred. There may also be a temporary foreign body sensation in the eye or a harmless increase in intraocular pressure. Possible risks are explained in detail during the medical consultation. 

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