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NEVER AGAIN GLASSES! Often there are special situations in which our patients benefit from laser vision correction. For example, when participating in sporting activities, the daily look in the mirror or the simple enthusiasm to finally see the world now with our own eyes.

In our testimonial reports you get a detailed insight into the treatment processes. Our patients talk about why they have chosen CARE Vision and how this experience has changed their lives. 

Experiences from our Eye laser patients

Patients report about their laser vision correction with LASIK. LASIK is a known and established method to correct defective vision permanently.

Maike Pohl: From mole to eagle
Melanie Messerli: That awesome feeling without glasses or contact lenses is priceless
Barbara Weber: I could see very good directly after the surgery
Nina Walter: I feel like a new person!
Gözen Duman: My appearance has become much more positive

Experience from our lens surgerie patient

Susanne Kister: The best thing that ever happened to me!
Jens Himmer: The best part is; now I can also read the fine print again without any problems.
Peter Beveridge: Now I can ride my motorbike without problems, goodbye glasses!
Jürgen Röber: Yes, my life has become less complicated thanks to this surgery.

Do you have the desire to finally be free and to see the world with your own eyes? We would like to grand you your wish with a laser eye treatment at CARE Vision, so you will not have the need in the future for disturbing visual aids any more. 

Especially people with severe visual impairment have to deal with the disadvantages of spectacles; this often leads to the spectacle presenting an aesthetic problem or hinder in everyday life or profession. Contact lenses offer no viable alternative. They often lead, especially after prolonged wear, to dry or bloodshot eyes. After a laser treatment, these problems are in the past and our patients live a life free of glasses.

Convince yourself and arrange a free consultation with a CARE Vision Laser Eye Center in your area. The CARE Vision / Clínica Baviera Group have already carried out more than 700,000 successful laser eye surgeries. Our patients are enthusiastic about our experience and established treatments.


The satisfaction rate of our patients is over 99 % *. You can be assured that the safety and satisfaction of our 900.000 patients come first: Because your eyes deserve the best care.

PRK Treatment


The first 5 weeks were hard – total light sensitive – it seemed to last forever to me, but then it quickly changed for the better.

I wasn’t used to see so clearly – it really paid off and I would definitely do it again.

The staff was very friendly, at the clinic but also on the phone.

Great advice


Quick and easy surgery.

Good care after surgery

Fast and without problems



Everything perfect



From the first visit


From laser vision correction, to the check-ups I have always been well looked after and treated knowledgeable and friendly at all times. Service Team, optician and surgeon perfect in every way!