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Near-sightedness (Myopia)

Near-sightedness, also called myopia, is a deficit of the eye. People affected by myopia have a hard time to see into the distance. You see a distant object indistinct and blurry. However, you can detect nearby objects without any difficulty. The reason: the sharp imaging of distant objects is in front of the retina. This produces a blurred image on the retina which in return is communicated to the brain.

Myopia usually develops in the first three years of life and the eye is gradually extended. At the beginning it may be that those affected symptoms are especially noticeable at night. With a simple test the ophthalmologist can determine whether the problems seeing into the distance are caused through myopia. 


Unlike Hyperopia, the power in relation to the length of the eye is too strong at the short sightedness or the eyeball is too long. The light rays will be in front of the retina instead of on the retina. This causes the blurriness. The diopter value moves in the minus range. CARE Vision performs eye laser treatment for myopia usually up to -10 diopter.

Laser of Myopia
Correction of Myopia

A laser vision correction (as opposed to glasses and contact lenses) is an attractive alternative for the correction of myopia. In this case, there are countless benefits to undergo a laser vision correction. No fogged lenses or irritated eyes with contact lenses; also complicated cleaning procedures are forgotten with a laser eye treatment.

Two treatment methods for correction of myopia are: LASIK and PRK / LASEK. Both procedures are performed on an outpatient basis and are painless. The laser application only takes a few seconds. Which treatment is the right one for you, will be clarified together with your treating specialist. Of course, your personal circumstances and lifestyle are to be considered.

The cumulative cost of glasses and / or contact lenses are in the long run significantly higher than the one-time cost for laser eye treatment. The surgery pays off completely - and that after a relatively short time.

CARE Vision specializes in the field of laser vision correction; it is the core competence of our European network of companies.

We offer a product with very high technology, security level and with a quality of which we are 100% convinced. The quality of results is assignable based on more than 900,000 treated eyes in our corporate affiliated group.

CARE Vision is committed to providing a fair price- performance ratio, to allow the widest possible circle of patients to benefit from the advantages of eye laser surgery. We provide high quality of care and quality service at a great price.