Eye Laser Surgery with Femto-LASIK

What is Femto-LASIK?

Femto-LASIK is a variant of the tried-and-tested LASIK, the world’s most frequently used eye laser method. The difference between the two treatment methods lies in the non-contact preparation of the eye for the laser correction. Optimum treatment results and the highest level of safety are equally impressive with both methods, making them the most frequently used methods for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. 

The Femto-LASIK treatment is performed on an outpatient basis and only takes a few minutes per eye. Most patients can see well when leaving the treatment room. The short recovery time of the eyes and the restoration of vision are exceptionally fast with Femto-LASIK as well as with LASIK. 

How does Femto-LASIK work?




In the first step, the attending physician prepares the eyes for the Femto-LASIK surgery with numbing drops. Most patients find the treatment completely painless.



The ophthalmologist prepares the so-called flap with the femtosecond laser. The doctor adjusts this individually to the respective eye.


Laser treatment

The doctor treating you gently folds the flap to the side. As with the LASIK method, the Excimer laser now shapes the cornea in such a way that the ametropia is compensated.



The flap then closes and protects the treated area like a natural plaster. As a rule, our patients can already see well on the day of treatment.

Advantages of the Femto-LASIK method

Years of experience

Femto-LASIK is based on the LASIK method, which has been in use since 1991. Outstanding empirical values ​​and maximum safety speak for these two correction methods.

Optimal treatment results

Many of our patients are already impressed by their new vision in the treatment room. Most patients regain full vision within a few weeks.

Preparation for treatment with FEMTO laser

The difference between Femto-Lasik and the LASIK method is that the eye is prepared for the treatment using the femtosecond laser.

Accurate laser eye correction

Each eye is unique. That is why we adapt every Femto-LASIK treatment, just like every other eye treatment, individually to each individual patient.

Painless treatment

Just like the other CARE Vision treatment methods, our patients also find Femto-Lasik painless and fast.

Post-treatment possible

If there is still a small ametropia after the laser eye surgery, follow-up treatment is also possible with Femto-LASIK

Femto-LASIK treatment process

For optimal treatment results, our experts in laser eye surgery first determine which correction method is most suitable for you.

Step 1. Initial information and aptitude test for Femto-LASIK

We would be happy to introduce you to the possibilities of eye laser correction in a non-binding information meeting. Choose between a free video consultation from the comfort of your own home or a personal appointment at one of the CARE Vision locations. We are happy to carry out an initial suitability test of your eyes for laser correction at this appointment.

Step 2. Preliminary medical examination

The results of the comprehensive preliminary medical examination are decisive for the Femto-LASIK treatment that is tailored to you. Investigate at this we examine your eyes and ametropia in detail and lay the foundation for the best possible correction results. Your doctor will be happy to answer your questions about laser eye treatment.

Tip: You can save time by combining both steps

Patients who are involved in time can combine both appointments if they wish. After an initial aptitude test and a detailed consultation, we immediately carry out the preliminary medical examination. Please plan about 2.5 hours for the entire appointment.

Cost and Funding

The cost of an eye laser correction using the Femto-LASIK method is around 1.400 euros per eye (billing according to GOÄ). We would be happy to inform you about the exact costs and financing options. 


  • The world’s most commonly used treatment method
  • 30 years of long-term experience
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.150€ /Eye1


  • Preparation for treatment with the Femto-laser
  • Vision correction with the proven LASIK method
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.500€ /Eye1


  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes (contact sports)
  • 30 years of long-term experience
ca. 1.150€ /Eye1


  • No-touch treatment method
  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes
ca. 1.150€ /Eye1

1The exact billing is done according to the German Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ).

Femto-LASIK – video consultation

Arrange your personal video consultation and ask us your questions about eye laser surgery and the Femto-LASIK method. 

These are the advantages:

  • A specialist will answer all your questions about eye laser surgery
  • Free and without obligation
  • One-click access from any device, from the comfort of your home
  • Quick and easy – without any waiting time or travel


How safe is Femto-LASIK eye laser treatment?

Together with LASIK and PRK methods, Femto-LASIK is considered one of the safest treatments in modern medicine. Since 1990, more than 30 million people have already decided to be treated with these well-tested corrective procedures. Femto-LASIK differs from the proven LASIK method only in the treatment preparation using the femtosecond laser.

High quality technology

For all eye laser and lens treatments, we only use particularly powerful and precise devices from leading manufacturers. Proven and up-to-date technologies ensure maximum safety and the best possible treatment results.

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LASIK Weekends

For patients who are heavily involved during the week, we offer our popular LASIK weekends at many CARE Vision locations. You come in advance, if possible on Fridays, for a comprehensive preliminary medical examination, on Saturday for eye laser treatment and on Sunday for the first follow-up examination. Most of our patients then start their everyday life again on Monday - without glasses and contact lenses.

Frequently Asked Questions about Femto-LASIK (FAQ)

How long does a Femto-LASIK correction last?

With a Femto-LASIK correction, short-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism can be corrected. Most of our patients enjoy their freedom from glasses and contact lenses for many years after the laser eye correction. As with any living organ, eyes can change over time. From the age of about 45 years, presbyopia can set in and, after some time, make another vision correction necessary. Presbyopia is part of the natural aging process and can be permanently corrected, for example, with multifocal lens treatment.

Which ametropia can a Femto-LASIK treatment correct?

The aim of Femto-LASIK is the correction of short- and long-sightedness as well as astigmatism. Femto-LASIK can usually be used with short-sightedness of up to -10 diopters or with long-sightedness of up to approx. 4 diopters.

When should I have my eyes lasered?

You can have your eyes lasered if you wear glasses or contact lenses and find these visual aids annoying. You should also be at least 18 years old and have stable eyesight for more than 12 months. They must not suffer from any eye disease and should be in good health.

Can I have both eyes lasered at the same time?

Yes, as a rule, both eyes are lasered one after the other in one treatment. A particular advantage of a Femto-LASIK or LASIK treatment is the rapid restoration of vision. Many patients can already see very well when they leave the treatment room.

How long does Femto LASIK surgery take?

Just like the LASIK treatment, the Femto-LASIK only takes about 10 minutes per eye - the use of the laser only takes a few seconds.

Is Femto-LASIK treatment painful? Do you get anesthesia?

Due to the numbing eye drops, our patients only experience a slight sensation of pressure or a foreign body. Anesthesia is therefore not necessary. On request, we can offer you a sedative if you are a little nervous.

How long will it take for my eyes to recover after Femto LASIK?

Most patients can already see well when they leave our eye centers. After a day of rest, most of them go back to their usual everyday lives. We recommend that you refrain from strenuous exercise, swimming and eye make-up for the first two weeks after treatment.

How long do you have dry eyes after Femto-LASIK surgery?

In the first few days after the eye laser correction, a slight dryness or foreign body sensation (similar to a grain of sand in the eye) as well as burning or itching may occur. By regularly wetting the eyes with artificial tear fluid, the feeling of dryness can be calmed down. After a few weeks, the eyes will have fully recovered and eye drops are usually no longer necessary.

How much does Femto LASIK surgery cost?

The cost of LASIK is around €1.400 per eye (billing according to GOÄ after the treatment has been completed). You also have the option of financing the treatment with up to 12 monthly installments (0% financing).