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Arrange your appointment for a non-committal consultation at one of our clinics

During this consultation a qualified ophthalmic will examine your eyes

All relevant eye parameters are recorded.

The following tests and examination are performed:

  • Measuring of your glasses
  • Objective refraction
  • Pachymetry (measurement of the corneal thickness)
  • Topography (measurement of the corneal surface)
  • Subjective refraction
  • Visual acuity
  • Measuring of the pupils in darkness

During this consultation will be determined whether your personal refractive error can be corrected thru eye laser surgery and which method is best applicable for you.

STEP 2: Medical preliminary examinations

Once you’re suitable the next step is a consultation for comprehensive medical examination. This is done by your treating surgeon.

The following subject must be considered before this examination:

  • If you are a soft contact lens wearer; do not use them 2 days prior to the appointment. During this consultation; eye drops will be administered for the dilation of the pupils
  • This can lead to short term blurred vision and may cause hypersensitivity in bright (sun) light. We advise you to bring sunglasses. Also afterwards you are not allowed to drive a vehicle. Ideal will be to bring a companion/friend that can take you home.

The medical examination is intended to determine the suitability, re-check and confirmation of the previous results and if the selected method is the right one. Your eyes will be thoroughly re-examined. During this consultation you will have the opportunity to voice all your concerns or ask all questions with the surgeon.

If the surgeon agrees and nothing stands in your way for any eye laser treatment then we will see you again on surgery day.

STEP 3: The eye laser surgery

You should arrive at least 30 minutes before your eye laser appointment. Explanations of the medications will occur before your surgery. You´ll receive detailed information about the eye drop plan and further instructions to consider after the surgery. Next you´ll be administered eye drops for a pain free surgery and subsequently will be guided to the surgery room. The treatment will last only about 10 minutes per eye; the eye laser itself will last just a few seconds. After the surgery you´ll be taken to the recovery area where you´ll relax for about 30 minutes. The surgeon will then conduct a short examination after which you can return home.


Depending on the treatment method (LASIK or PRK/LASEK) and necessity we offer various aftercare appointments. After the surgery we would like you to experience the optimum care and know that we are there for you. Now you can start a new life without glasses or contact lenses and finally be able to see clearly.