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Arrange your appointment for a non-binding informational consultation in one of our Germany-wide eye laser centers. At this consultation, a suitability test is carried out by a graduate engineer for ophthalmic optics or master optician.

In a comprehensive optometrist preliminary examination, all relevant eye parameters are recorded: the corneal thickness and the corneal surface are just a few of the necessary measurements that we can perform on our high-precision diagnostic units.

We evaluate this data according to your personal circumstances and habits and recommend the appropriate treatment method for you. This appointment will tell you whether your personal refractive error can be corrected by a lens implantation and which treatment method is optimal in your case. Following this, your consultant will explain in detail to you which course of treatment you can take. Your daily activities and their limitations can be individually discussed and coordinated during the consultation.

You´ll have the opportunity to arrange your desired surgery dates. Between the surgery of the first and the second eye are usually only a few days. This simplifies the planning of your eye surgery and can be realized with just a few days off. We will inform you about the expected costs and make you an offer for your eyes surgery including all follow-up checks and additional costs.



For this last preliminary examination, you will be given eye drops for pupil dilation. An extensive medical examination by your treating specialist confirms the appropriate eye surgery for you. Your lenses can be individually calculated and ordered after checking all examination results. You will be informed in detail about opportunities and risks and have the possibility to ask questions and discuss uncertainties with your surgeon.

Recommended tips:

  • You wear contact lenses? Please take these out two days before your appointment for a preliminary medical examination. After the examination, the contact lenses can be used again immediately and worn until the time of your eye surgery.
  • You will not be able to drive a vehicle after taking the pupil-dilating eye drops. Please arrange for someone to pick you up or use public transportation.


Please allow sufficient time for your lens treatment appointment. Although the actual treatment will take only about half an hour, you should expect about two to two and a half hours of pre- and post-treatment. After your procedure, you stay in our relaxing rooms until the eye's vision returns and your circulation has recovered. Whether or not your eye is covered with a protective dressing after eye surgery is decided by the surgeon on the day of treatment. After a short check, you are released for the day and you are allowed to go home. Please be accompanied or arrange to be picked up. You will not be allowed to drive.

Our tips:

    • Do not use make-up on this day.
    • Recommended is comfortable clothing.
    • Bring someone along to accompany you home after treatment.
    • On treatment day, you can eat and drink as usual. We recommend light meals.
    • Do not smoke and do not drink alcohol.


    Please rest at home and take the eye drops, as discussed, according to plan. The next day, another medical check-up will take place. Please be careful and patient and take your eye drops regularly.

    In the following weeks, your vision will continue to improve. You will come back for examinations at a follow-up after one day, after a week, after a month and after three months. In order to ensure an optimal healing process and to avoid complications, you should follow the instructions given to you by the implantation of lenses during the first time after eye surgery. During the first week after surgery, a sleep mask is helpful at night to prevent you from rubbing your eyes or pressing a pillow or blanket in the eye. More detailed home instructions will be provided with your medication on the day of treatment. Included is also important information for your sports and leisure activities in the first weeks after your lens implantation.

    Our tips for you:

    • Meticulously follow the drop plan you receive from us.
    • Do not rub your eyes. Daytime sunglasses and a sleep mask at night can be very useful.
    • Attend the follow up examinations.
    • Take it easy in the first 24 hours after treatment and avoid strenuous activities.
    • Follow the instructions of your doctor.
    • Do not drive again until your doctor says it OK to do so.