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Far-sightedness (Hyperopia)

Far-sightedness, also referred to as Hyperopia, is a deficit of the eye, wherein the vision is difficult up close. Persons whom suffer from far-sightedness have difficulties seeing objects indistinctively and blurry. On the other hand they can recognize objects that are in the distance without any problems.

In industrialized nations approximately 20-25% of the population is longsighted. In case of Hyperopia; the eyeball is too short or the refractive power of the eye is in relation to the overall length too weak. Thereby, the light rays are behind instead of on the retina. That’s the reason for blurred vision at close range. To be able to read books or magazines longsighted people will keep these at arm length.


Accommodation is a process which compensates the far-sightedness by adjusting the refractive power of the eye. This tactic functions very well at a young age. Because the increase of the lens power is limited; however it is difficult when an object is too close. From the age of 45, the elasticity of the lens decreases, and thus their power, so this increases the refractive error. It measures the refractive power of the eye in the unit diopter.
In a farsighted person the diopter value is above zero. The most common methods to correct Hyperopia are glasses and contact lenses.



The refractive surgery offers various processes for correction of far-sightedness. Depending on your personal life style; and the structure of your eyes, you could qualify for either LASIK or PRK/LASEK. Both methods are pain free. The laser surgery itself lasts just a few seconds.

There are many more advantages that lead towards an eye laser correction: no more irritated eyes from contact lenses, no fogged up glasses and not to forget the intensive cleaning procedures of the contact lenses.

Another advantage is the cost: on a long term, the costs for glasses or contact lenses are considerably higher than the one time expenses for an eye laser surgery. After a relatively short time it’s entirely paid off.

When it comes to eye laser corrections, CARE Vision is a specialist in this area; it is the core competence of our European Affiliated Group. We offer a product at a very high technology and service level with a 100% quality satisfaction. This is based on more than 900.000 treated eyes. 

Treatment costs are calculated in accordance with the rate of surgeons (Bestimmungen für Gebührenordnung für Ärzte/GOÄ) and depend on the individual needs of the surgery.