Eye laser surgery: Cost of eye surgery

How much does laser eye surgery cost?

An eye laser treatment at CARE Vision costs about 1.150 euros per eye. Depending on the visual defect and the individual condition of your eyes, we use the extensively tested treatment methods LASIK, Femto-LASIK, PRK/LASEK as well as Trans-PRK.


  • The world’s most commonly used laser treatment method
  • 30 years of long-term experience
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.150€ /Eye1


  • Preparation for treatment with the Femto-laser
  • Vision correction with the proven LASIK method
  • Fast recovery of vision
ca. 1.500€ /Eye1


  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes (contact sports)
  • 30 years of long-term experience
ca. 1.150€ /Eye1


  • No-touch treatment method
  • Also suitable for very thin calluses
  • Ideal for athletes
ca. 1.150€ /Auge1

1The exact billing is done according to the German Gebührenordnung für Ärzte (GOÄ).

Eye laser surgery saves future costs

After their eye laser surgery, most patients are not only happy about their new attitude to life, but also about the end of the cost spiral for glasses and/or contact lenses. After only a short period of time, saying goodbye to visual aids is also financially worthwhile. 

With fair, transparent prices, we make it possible for our patients to benefit from the advantages of laser eye surgery – naturally with optimal treatment quality and first-class service at all times.

Free video consultation

Schedule your personal video consultation and ask us your questions about laser eye surgery and the LASIK method.

These are the advantages:

  • A specialist answers all your questions about laser eye surgery
  • Free and without obligation
  • Accessible with one click from any device, from the comfort of your home
  • Quick and easy – no waiting time and no travel required


by the health insurance

The costs of eye laser surgery are covered in whole or in part by some private health insurance companies. Please inquire about the exact conditions directly with your health insurance company. 

Unfortunately, the statutory health insurance companies do not generally cover the costs of eye laser surgery.

Laser eye surgery: tax deductibility

In its ruling “Expenses for eye surgery by means of laser” of 22.6.2006, the Higher Tax Authority Koblenz determined the following: 

“In the case of taxpayers who undergo laser eye surgery, there is always a defective vision and thus a medical condition. The operation therefore represents a curative treatment. The surgical method is also scientifically recognized. Therefore, the representatives of the states decided to recognize the expenses as an extraordinary burden according to § 33 EstG without submission of a medical certificate. ” 

For you as a patient, this means that laser eye treatment is tax deductible as an extraordinary burden according to §33 EStG. The amount of the reasonable extraordinary burden depends on your income and your individual circumstances.  

The attending physician at CARE Vision will bill the laser eye surgery according to GOÄ. CARE Vision cannot guarantee the actual tax deductibility.

Eye laser surgery: Our financing options

You do not want to pay for your laser eye treatment all at once? No problem – CARE Vision offers you low-interest and un-bureaucratic financing options for the treatment costs through its cooperation with Santander Consumer Bank (creditworthiness required). For up to 24 monthly installments, even down-payment-free 0% financing is possible. We will be happy to inform you about other financing options for a higher number of monthly installments upon request. 

What are the costs of laser eye surgery?

The costs of laser eye surgery are mainly due to the use of high-quality technology and the careful treatment as well as consultation by our experienced experts for laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery at CARE Vision is tailored to each individual patient. With over 25 years of experience in refractive surgery and outstanding continuing education of our medical team, we are one of the leading eye centers for laser eye surgery and lens treatment in Europe, together with the Clínica Baviera Group. Our high treatment numbers enable us to offer our patients extremely fair prices.

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