FAQ about eye laser treatment

How long will it take for my eyes to recuperate after a LASIK treatment?

Immediately after the LASIK treatment almost all patients notice a clear improvement in their vision.  The next day, the vision continues to stabilize, in most cases, already extremely. Patients see clearly again without glasses and contact lenses and could usually continue with most of their daily activities on the day after the treatment (depending on what form the individual lifestyle).

Is it possible to correct astigmatism with a LASIK treatment?

Yes. LASIK is very well suited to correct astigmatism.

In most cases, the patients whose astigmatism is corrected by LASIK, after the treatment they experience even better quality of vision than before surgery with glasses or contact lenses.

What about the long term results?

The LASIK procedure is applied for more than 20 years and has established itself as one of the safest and most popular methods of vision correction.

Worldwide, now more than 35 million people have undergone LASIK treatment. In 1999 LASIK method was officially classified by the German Ophthalmological Society and the Professional Association of Ophthalmologists scientifically accepted procedure. Our Europe wide affiliated company group alone has the experience of more than 700,000 treated eyes.

Will I have night vision problems?

Today’s laser technology is at a level which ensures to reduce the incidence of complications of this type to a minimum.

Night vision problems arise when the lasered area on the corneal surface is smaller than the actual pupil size. Pupil size varies depending on the light. At dusk or at night, the pupil is most dilated. Therefore it is important that during the preliminary investigation of the individual pupil, the diameter is detected even in darkness. 

In addition, CARE Vision works with wave front- optimized ablation profiles, whereby large optical zones and optimal transition zones are reached. The so-called correction of spherical aberrations of higher order (also called spherical aberration) is standard in the treatment and of course included in the price.

How stable must my diopter values be so I can have the treatment?

Many prospective patients think that they are not a suitable candidate for LASIK because they are concerned that their diopter values could change. For this purpose it can be said that larger variations in the past are not a reliable indicator of further major fluctuations in the future. In the preliminary study the suitability and success of each individual patient is to be determined.

Is the treatment painful?

Before LASIK treatment numbing eye drops are administered for a painless treatment.

Most patients find the OP as not painful and only report of a foreign body sensation. Many patients are extremely surprised by the treatment and tell us that they have imagined it far more unpleasant.

I have heard that after a LASIK treatment, due to the pressure it is not possible to have natural birth. Is that correct?

This is a misinformation. Patients who have undergone LASIK treatment, their children can be born naturally, without cesarean surgery.

Why does CARE Vision not offer Femto Lasik?

The essential difference between a Femto LASIK and LASIK is the preparation of the flap (corneal lamella). Unlike LASIK, the flap is not prepared with the microkeratome, but with a Femtosecond laser.

We at CARE Vision and Clínica Baviera have tested several Femtosecond laser models for preparing the flap.

The result: The modern microkeratome afforded equivalent (with respect to OP times even better) results.

There are no proven difference in the quality of results of Femtosecond laser and microkeratome. The Femto laser thus produced no better results. In our group of companies we have already treated more than 700,000 eyes with the microkeratome. We are convinced that we apply the current right and the best technology and the microkeratome is the better option for our patients. In our European group of companies qualified 120 ophthalmologists work with the microkeratome. If the day on which we believe that another technique is better and safer, clearly and proven for our patients, we will introduce this.

When can I return to the fitness studio or participate in jogging, cycling or horseback riding?

Already 2 – 3 days after your laser vision correction, you can participate in these sports. If necessary (especially by wind or dust), you need to wear protective glasses.