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Jens Himmer testifies

With view through success

Jens Himmer is a legend in German rugby. Already at 5 years old he ran over the field for the first time and fought his way to victory. This lead to a remarkable career; Jens Himmer played 12 years in the German national rugby team, 6 times German Champion. In the year 2000, after his active career the 45 year old transferred into coaching. He currently coaches the SC Germania List team. With success, in the past year they’ve been promoted to the first division. 

Strong man with small weakness

As an active rugby pro, Jens Himmer could always rely on his eyes, the ball, the opponent, constantly having the goal in view. Some time ago it came to a sudden end, reading the newspaper; driving or working was only possible with glasses. Presbyopia kept surging more and more. The lens loses its flexibility and is unable to adapt to the different distances. This became for Jens Himmer an increasing problem, he explains: “I don’t like glasses and in my sport it did not go well with them. In rugby, you have full body contact and sometime you get an elbow right in the face. With glasses on the field and risking splinter injuries, would be too dangerous.”

Getting the optical back with CARE Vision

Today, Jens Himmer can do without disturbing glasses; the specialists at CARE Vision had the perfect solution for him. His presbyopia has been corrected with an artificial lens. This was agreed at a medical eye check in the Hamburg City Branch. For the athlete, Dr Raquel Socias of CARE Vision chose a trifocal lens implant. These are the latest generation of artificial lens. This type of lens has several focal points and allows clear vision at different distances, without reading or bifocals. For our CARE Vision experts, the insertion of artificial lenses is routine: first the natural lens is removed through a tiny incision in the cornea and then the artificial lens is set into place. The advantage of a lens implantation: it is performed on an outpatient basis and takes only about ten minutes per eye. Both eyes are treated within one week. In the first 24 hours after surgery, the eye recovers significantly and the visual acuity is gradually improving. An optimal and stable vision is reached at the latest after a few weeks. The lens itself is invisible in the eye. The treatment was a success for Jens Himmer: “The best thing is I can read without problems again. This increases my quality of life immensely! Even during training I can see again close up again!” A perspective coach for the players of SC Germania List. We wish Jens Himmer and his team success in the first ruby league.


Name: Jens Himmer
Defective vision:
Treatment-method: Multifocal lenses MIOL
Quote: "The best part is; now I can also read the fine print again without any problems"