Melanie Messerli Testifies

„That awesome feeling without glasses or contact lenses is priceless“

Melanie Messerli, 26 years old

  • Name: Melanie Messerli
  • Age: 26
  • Treatment method: LASIK
  • Location: Stuttgart

Melanie Messerli in her own words

“I’m Melanie Messerli (26) and had eye laser surgery in May 2015 in Stuttgart (LASIK). CARE Vision was recommended to me by a friend who was also treated at CARE Vision in Stuttgart. After he told me how beautiful the feeling is of being able to see everything without glasses or lenses, I was curious. Then I informed myself on the Internet and sent a request for information to CARE Vision.

After that I was constantly in contact with CARE Vision and was able to clear all my questions. My biggest concerns were: is it worth it to have an eye laser correction with such small (-1.75) diopter? What are the risks, can you go blind? Am I going to feel pain during the procedure? All I can say: Whether it is worth it or not, everyone must decide for themselves. Personally, I think it was definitely worth it! The great feeling without glasses or lenses is priceless for me :-). Sometimes my hands automatically go to my face, as if I want to take off my glasses, but no more glasses there! Just great!

Risks: No surgery, however, is without risk, in the laser treatment by the years of experience and most modern technology is extremely low. I think, it could be critical in the postoperative phase, if you do not maintain the doctor´s instructions (eye drop plan, not rubbing the eyes etc.) However this is all clearly explained ad you´ll receive written instruction for at home. Thus even after the surgery it’s not a problem, you are well informed.

Placing of the eye clips and the suction cups are unpleasant, but causes no pain. From the laser itself you do not feel anything; it smells a bit peculiar (like burnt hair). After the surgery, the first 3 – 5 hours aren’t pleasant because the eyes are teary and you have the sensation of burning eyes. In my opinion, even that wasn’t pain, it was just uncomfortable, because the first day you need to use eye drops quite often and your eye might not open as usual. After this time though, you can see amazingly good and its getting better and better. That’s a crazy feeling! I was well look after from the beginning at CARE Vision and everyone was very friendly. I´m so satisfied, and happy that I’ve made this decision. Thanks again to the Stuttgart CARE Vision team and to Dr. Wagner! 

My conclusion: a single day (actually just a few hours) in my life, where perhaps all is not pleasant, but can be dealt with, for that which I’ve got now: a new glass free life!”

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