Dr. med. univ. Stephan Gruber

Medical studies

  • Medical University of Vienna
  • Social medical Centre Ost/Donauspital Vienna


  • Femto-LASIK
  • Trans-PRK

Insightful information

  • Settled ophthalmologist with own practice
  • Lecturer at the Heeressanitätsschule Vienna and at the Private Body and Health Academy


Dr. Stephan Gruber studied medicine at the Medical University of Vienna, specializing abroad in Spain and Switzerland. He worked in the organization of clinical trials. After his doctorate in 2006, lectured at the Army Medical School of Vienna and at the Private Body and Health Academy.

Mr. Dr. Gruber did his further education in specialized training for ophthalmology and optometry from 2007 – 2013 at the Donauspital Vienna form which he successfully graduated.  Since then he has worked as a practicing ophthalmologist with own practice in Vienna and in addition lectured at the health and nursing schools in the city of Vienna and at the Medical Center Ost.

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